Turkish Competitive Telco Operators’ Association “TELKODER” was founded in June 26, 2002 by well known Turkish alternative telecom operators.

OUR VISION is to support:

  • and guide establishing free competition and liberal understanding in Turkish Telecommunication Sector with the members strong sector experience
  • and guide establishing close collaboration between Turkish Telecommunication Operator Companies.
  • increasing quality of service and productivity in Telecommunication services for the benefit of both companies and end-users.
  • Turkish Telecommunication Operator Companies for turning out to be global players.

For realizing OUR VISION :

Turkish Competitive Telco Operators Association “TELKODER” is fully supporting liberalization and free competition to create the best and the cheapest Telecommunication Services in Turkey for the benefit of end users and targeting to make Turkey as an important international Telecommunication hub in the world.

Our priorities for 2024:

  • Installation of fiber infrastructure shoulde be accelerated
  • Alignment of the EU Acquis and liberalized competition should be realized
  • Both national and foreign investments should be increased
  • Consumers should have affordable services with more quality
  • Legislation and regulations should be implemented effectively