Koç Sistem

Mehmet Ali AKARCA

Contact Information :

Ünalan Mahallesi, Çağla Sokak, Çamlıca İş Merkezi No:11

34700 Üsküdar-İstanbul

Tel :+90 216 556 1100

Fax : +90 216 556 1188

e-mail : info@kocsistem.com.tr

Founded in 1945, KoçSistem is a member of the Koç Group and a leading, well-established information technologies company in Turkey. Throughout a history spanning seven decades, KoçSistem has raised technology to an ideal level and offered it to the business world to enhance the competitive edge and productivity of enterprises. KoçSistem offers unique technological solutions to its customers motivated by its vision, business practices and the value it places on its stakeholders. KoçSistem creates value for Turkey and maintains its leadership in the sector based on its vision to be a pioneering force.

KoçSistem plays a major role in the digital transformation of enterprises offering a great variety of smart solutions in mega trends including the Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Corporate Mobility and Smart Solutions.

KoçSistem offers infrastructure transformation solutions, business applications and managed services solutions to its customers in a wide range of industries including finance, telecommunications, retail, energy, consumer durables, automotive, transportation as well as the public sector. The company meets the needs of its customers based on their demands and expectations in a reliable and integrated manner while ensuring unconditional customer satisfaction as a result of its strong strategic partnerships.

KoçSistem has sustainable relationships with the most important technology centers of the world through its R&D projects which act as a gateway to the global market. The R&D and Innovation Center of KoçSistem ranks first in software in Turkey and serves the development of the sector and the country at large with engineers producing solutions for the future and projects that create a competitive edge.

KoçSitem is ready for new transformations thanks to a market-oriented product management approach that creates value for its customers, a strategic perspective with a clear view of the future and an R&D and innovation power that spearheads technology.