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Internet Service Provider
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Contact Information :
Med Nautilus Telekomunikasyon Hizmetleri T.A.S.
Cobancesme mah., Kimiz sk.No:30 34196 – Yenibosna /ISTANBUL

Tel : +90 212 454 73 37
Fax : +90 212 452 89 55
e-mail :info@mednautilus.com.tr

Mediterranean Nautilus is the leading provider of network services in the Eastern Mediterranean basin. Using its state-of-the-art fiber optic Network, Mediterranean Nautilus provides seamless connectivity between Eastern Mediterranean countries, Western Europe and the US.

The MedNautilus Network utilizes leading edge DWDM technology, offering seamless linkage between Italy, Greece, Turkey, Israel and Cyprus by way of an expansive 6,000 Km Submarine System as well as both Pan-European and Atlantic Virtual Networks allowing MN to extend its reach to span the major cities of Western Europe as well as North America. The MedNautilus Network has been in operation since 2001. The MedNautilus Network is the first and only ring protected network in the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean Nautilus is a fully owned subsidiary of Telecom Italia Sparkle
Mediterranean Nautilus also operates the Lev Submarine Cable linking Israel, Cyprus and Italy and the Minerva Sub-System. Minerva is the first and only ring-protected cable system providing connectivity to Cyprus whilst utilizing elements from both MedNautilus and Lev Systems.
Mediterranean Nautilus is also a major supplier of co-location and disaster recovery services with state-of-the-art facilities in Athens, Chania (Crete) and Istanbul.

Mediterranean Nautilus is committed to innovation, flexibility and the highest service level in the industry. With our fully diversified Network and advanced facilities we are proud to be the choice of preference by many global and regional carriers.